Schooly - Sell, Buy or Freecycle pre-owned School Uniforms, Equipment and all types of Books with others in your school for free

(Your Pre-owned Uniform, Books and Equipment app)

List your used items in the app, tagged with your School, and do your part to ease the burden of school costs within your local school community for the benefit of all.

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Simply select your schools and start freecycling, buying and selling with others in the school. Use it for pre-owned/second hand uniforms, equipment and all types of pre-owned school or non-school related books. For students, add your college to the app and Sell, Buy or Freecycle pre-owned or used college texts.


Deal with local like-minded folks in the same schools and living in the same area as you. Let's stop the school uniform and book waste together!


The Schooly App has been built using best-in-class cloud security technologies. Login with Google, Apple (where supported) or email.


Stop the school/college uniform and books waste!


Built around schools

Schooly is uniquely built around your local schools/colleges and local area.

Schooly is uniquely built around your local schools and local area. For college students you use Schooly with your college or university. With Schooly you can select your preferred schools and then buy and sell school uniforms, equipment and books with others in the same school. This makes it very easy to find what you need and find buyers for your used uniforms and books quickly and without fuss. It also means you are dealing with others in the same area as you or students in the same college.

The developers of schooly could not believe how many perfectly good uniforms, equipment and books (school, non-school - all kinds) were being thrown out. Perfectly good items that others could use. They kept hearing similiar stories from others. That's why this app was built - stop the waste! Give them away for free or recoup some of the value of the original purchase price.

Uniforms and Books

Sell, Buy or Freecycle and place wanted ads for all school uniforms, equipment and all types of books.

With schooly you can

  • Place a wanted ad for a uniform just for your school.
  • Place a wanted ad for books or equipment optionally just for your school or college
  • Sell a school uniform just for your school.
  • Buy a school uniform for the schools added to your preferred schools list.

While the focus is on second hand school uniforms, equipment and books, Schooly encourages people to use the app to list all kinds of books - fiction and non-fiction. When was the last time you counted how many used books for kids or adults that are lying around the house? What a waste! Don't throw it out, get listing and allow someone else to enjoy it!



Send messages, ask questions, have private chats with other buyers and sellers.

Schooly allows you to ask questions about uniforms, books or equipment you see listed and have private conversations with others to arrange for collection.

If you see a wanted ad that you can help with, request a private chat with the person who needs it and talk privately with them to figure out if you have what they need.

Minimal Notifications

Only get notified for the important stuff.

Schooly adopts a minimal notification policy. We will only send app notifications when something important happens. If you receive an offer on an item or someone wants to chat with you about a wanted ad you have placed we will send you a notification.

You can always see your full list of notifications and messages on the app menu but we try to minimise the noise.

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    Create an Account

    Use your Google or Apple accounts to quickly and easily create an account. Or just use email, it's up to you

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    Share with friends

    Spread the word, tell others, let's work together to stop the waste!

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    Make a difference

    Let's face it, no one feels good about throwing out perfectly usable school uniforms, equipment and books. The environment doesn't need it and your wallet (and conscience) might feel better if we stop doing it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes! Now and always.

How does the environment benefit?

Every year millions of school uniforms, equipment and books are simply thrown out. What a waste. In many cases the uniforms could be used again to prevent needless waste.

How do schools benefit?

Your School or PTA can ask parents to use the app to list their no longer needed items and donate the proceeds back to the school or PTA.

Is my data secure?

We only store your name and email adress. While using the application we ask for your location. We only store your rough location area and nothing specific. All this data is completely protected.

How do I delete my data?

You can delete your account from the My Profile page in the app or email us at of your data will be deleted.

Download for Android and iOS

Available for all Android and iOS phones. Do tell us if you spot an issue!

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

Designed and built in Dublin, Ireland.